You are an innovator. You're on your way to disrupting a market. You could change the world. But you're not quite there yet... 

As a technology marketer for more than 30 years in Silicon Valley, my team and I help companies get the traction they deserve. In diagnosing what's going wrong, we very seldom find PR at the root of the problem. Much more often, the root problems are positioning and strategy 

Done right, positioning is the articulation of the business strategy. It is not a creative exercise, as many brand and creative firms may lead companies to believe.  It is born from the very DNA of your company, the role you exist to play, the category in which you will thrive, the relevance you bring to market, and the value you deliver when you've achieved product/market fit.

Starting in 1983 with Steve Jobs and the Macintosh personal computer, I have helped many of Silicon Valley's most innovative entrepreneurs create categories, introduce new brands, and launch hundreds of products.  I have developed a method to help you win. Through my brand and strategy consultancy, Cunningham Collective, I and my hand-selected team deliver that methodology to leaders across the U.S. and around the world. 

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